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Blog Feature

March 17, 2021

Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses: The Easiest Explanation You’ll Ever Read

big data  |  software development

On the surface, trying to parse the difference between data lakes versus data warehouses seems complex.   Both act as repositories of data collected by your organization. Both can be utilized for apps and programs and analytics that enable you to optimize your business processes. As such, it’s easy to get them confused.   But do you want to know a secret? The difference is actually really straightforward, and we’re going to provide the easiest data lake/data warehouse explanation you’ve ever heard to help you remember.

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Blog Feature

January 05, 2016

Garage By Aviture Speaker Series - Uncle Bob Martin, Clean Architecture

Clean Coder  |  Community Support  |  Events  |  Garage By Aviture Speaker Series  |  News  |  Speaker Series  |  Technology  |  The Garage  |  Uncle Bob  |  Uncle Bob Martin  |  clean code  |  community  |  software development

Uncle Bob Martin is coming to Omaha on January 20, 2016 for two workshops and an evening lecture. We're thrilled to help host this day of learning from an esteemed leader in the field. Register for the workshops on Eventbrite, and please navigate to the Splash page to register for the evening lecture.

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Blog Feature

March 06, 2015

Garage By Aviture Speaker Series - Neal Ford, ThoughtWorks

Aviture Speaker Series  |  Company News  |  Events  |  Garage Speaker Series  |  Neal Ford  |  News  |  Speaker Series  |  Technology  |  The Garage  |  ThoughtWorks  |  architectures  |  devops  |  microservice  |  microservice architectures  |  software development

The Garage By Aviture is excited to announce its second Speaker Series - Neal Ford, Software Architect and Director at ThoughtWorks. The event is free but registration is required, please RSVP on the Event Page. Building Microservice Architectures His talk, Building Microservice Architectures, describes this architectural style, as exemplified by Netflix and Amazon, as the first post-DevOps revolution architecture. Ford describes the larger context, what problem is being solved, characteristics of microservice architectures, and engineering best practices.

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