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Brandon Suponchick

Drawing from more than 15 years of software development experience in both the government and commercial sectors, Brandon directs the use of technologies, security implementation, and operational innovation across the company. He is committed to exploring technology’s potential, driving further innovation, and steering Aviture toward new horizons. Brandon is a champion of the technology leadership that Aviture embodies.

Blog Feature

November 29, 2023

State of DevOps in 2023: Key Takeaways with Aviture's New CTO

State of the DevOps Report  |  User Experience  |  devops  |  software development

DevOps is a powerful and crucial combination of software development and software operations that allows organizations like Aviture to deliver better products, faster. As we get closer towards the end of the year, many organizations like ours are taking a step back to look at the data surrounding DevOps from not only our company but others in our space. DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), a long-running research program recently acquired by Google, has produced the Accelerate State of DevOps report for the past twelve years — gathering data and testimony from over 36,000 technology professionals from around the world. The 2023 State of DevOps report was recently released, and after reading through the 95-page document, I am excited to share some of my takeaways from their major findings this year.

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Blog Feature

July 13, 2023

The Agile Method: Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty

Create Impact  |  IT Modernization  |  Scaling  |  agile  |  business analysis

Agile is one of the most effective ways to deliver value at the speed of business. To be successful, you have to get the appropriate stakeholders on board with the reality that we might not always know what we're going to be working on next. There will be times when a stakeholder will ask “I have this idea. When can it come to fruition?”, and the development team won’t be able to provide them with the answer they’re looking for. Instead, we will do everything we can to ensure that our teams are always working on what’s most valuable to them at the moment. By doing this, we will make progress and deliver capability along the lines of what you're looking for. We will take what we learn along the way to make this capability better with each iteration — and as long as it's still the most important thing to you, we'll keep making it better.

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Blog Feature

December 22, 2021

Top 3 AWS re:Invent Expo Announcements

Cloud & Hybrid  |  Cloud Migration  |  Cloud infrastructure

Welcome to Create Impact, a new series from Aviture focused on the topics that inspire our engineers to innovate. In each article, an Aviture team member will take you on a deep dive into a subject they’re passionate about, showing you the thinking behind cutting-edge engineering advances, the latest UX trends, development theories, and other unique topics that enable Aviturians to embrace the Art of the Possible for our clients. In this post, Chief Engineer Brandon Suponchick takes us through the biggest highlights of AWS re:Invent, the annual event from the world’s leading cloud provider. Brandon explores how things like private 5G networks and serverless data warehouses will transform cloud computing in 2022 and beyond.

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