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February 16, 2022

Minimum Viable Product: 3 Examples of this Most Valuable Phase

minimum viable product  |  proof of concept  |  software development

When you have a big, bold idea with the potential to grow your business and revolutionize an industry, the temptation is to immediately jump to the end result.   Yet having a fully fleshed-out, perfectly made, exceptional product or service takes a significant amount of time and money to accomplish. Going from idea to “in market” is a process that can take years of brainstorming, development, configuration, reconfiguration, and testing. Skip any step in that process and the end result may not be everything you want it, or your customers need it, to be.   To make sure your developers, investors, and ultimately your users/customers are happy, it sometimes helps to take an intermediate step between bold idea and the final product: a minimum viable product (MVP).

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