Create Impact: The Best Engineering Insights for 2023

Create Impact: The Best Engineering Insights for 2023
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As we round out 2022, take a dive into a collection of our greatest articles written by Aviturians from our Create Impact series, an initiative focused on sharing and developing the topics that inspire our engineers to innovate. Each article will take you on a deep dive into a subject they’re passionate about, showing you the thinking behind cutting-edge engineering advances, the latest UX trends, development theories, and other unique topics that enable Aviturians to embrace the Art of the Possible for our clients. 



Improving Processes by Investing in People 

Bad processes are demeaning. Good processes, on the other hand can impart dignity to those affected by them.  

Product Owner of Decision Logic, Kurt Bullis, explores the efforts needed for improving processes in the workplace through process mapping, identifying waste, and most importantly — investing in people. 



Assess your Agility in Scrum  

You know what Scrum is, but are you Agile? 

Aviture's Chief Technology Officer, Jerry Koske, explores the Agile manifesto, how it relates to your team’s mindset, and if you’re really doing that “Agile thing” or not. 



Understanding the UX and UI Difference to Get the Best Results 

Oftentimes, a client may think they have a UX problem that needs to be solved, when in reality what they’re actually trying to engage us on is a UI workflow. 

Director of Customer Experience DJ Jahn explores the differences between UX and UI, common misconceptions about each, and how incorporating user-centric strategic and design practices into every step of the process can provide an exceptional product that wows the end user. 



Taking Ownership of Tech Solutions…Even When You Don’t Own the Tech 

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs as partners if we didn’t bring up the more strategic approach and be completely honest about what’s going to create long-term growth. 

Aviturian and Decision Logic Chief Technology Officer Matt Mixan explores why strategic guidance is crucial for software consulting, allowing you to move beyond bug fixes and toward real long-term solutions.



Understanding Mental Health and Creating a Workplace of Psychological Safety 

1 in 4 people in the US will receive a mental health diagnosis during their lifetimes. Many more will suffer alone, and that suffering can be exacerbated by high-stress environments like software engineering. 

Senior Software Engineer and Community and Culture Steward, Art Doler, talks about mental health for engineers that applies to anyone in any workplace, especially those transitioning back to an in-office set-up from a remote or hybrid environment, as well as what organizations can do to create a safe environment for speaking about mental health issues. 



Continuous Delivery Strategy  

Continuous delivery is all about adding a lot of value, cumulatively, in very small chunks, where each chunk is the product of a tight feedback loop.  

Senior Solution Architect Joel Elixson explores how continuous delivery can revolutionize the software development process. He defines continuous delivery, explores how to overcome barriers to widespread adoption, and shows how the right tools and culture are crucial for spurring innovation. 



What are Design Systems, and Why Do They Matter? 

A design system provides the shared language necessary to drive innovation while simultaneously supporting a company’s established brand. 

Frontend Engineer Chris Kollars explores design systems and their importance to creating a cohesive user experience. He explains how to define design systems, how they differ from and interact with component libraries and style guides, and why they are crucial for unifying your team around brand-based best practices and experiences. 



socat to Me: Connecting a Public and Private Subnet in AWS 

Senior Software Engineer Mike Macaulay highlights a common issue that arises when working in Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as how he and his team solved it creatively through a repeatable framework. He delves into the utility of this solution for anyone looking to fix a problem that could otherwise take hours and hours of programming time (not to mention potential security risks). 



More topics are on their way in 2023, and we can't wait to share what our engineers have been dreaming up. 


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