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Blog Feature

October 01, 2020

How a New Client-Facing App Won Carson Group a $63 Million Client

Application  |  Aviture  |  Scaling  |  Technology  |  UX

With a younger generation quickly entering the financial market alongside older generations, it is becoming more and more important that a financial institution can capture clients from both demographics. Systems need to be updated to remain appealing to current design standards, but they also cannot alienate any one client group either. As new technology is introduced across the industry, the bottom line keeps getting pushed. If your business cannot adapt, it can seriously damage a competitive edge.

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Blog Feature

July 08, 2020

Aim High Mobile App Revolutionizing Air Force Recruiting Process

Air Force  |  Application  |  Aviture  |  News  |  Technology

Aviture is excited to announce the release of the brand-new Aim High Air Force recruiting app! The app is a “sister app” to designed to draw in non-traditional recruits while expanding non-traditional networking around candidates and recruits. The Aim High app opens communication channels using rich “social-like” content to communicate with families and friends of recruits in ways that create a positive network, leading to recruiting success and career retention.

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Blog Feature

November 01, 2016

Automated Testing and ATDD with Gherkin, Cucumber & Protractor

Application  |  Clean Coder  |  News  |  Technology

Introduction This post is about my project’s experience implementing Acceptance Test Driven Development of our web applications, the process around automating our Given, When, Then (GWT) specifications, the path we took, problems that surfaced, and how we dealt with those problems. The motivation for automated testing was a corporate mandate. Most of the company’s previous applications were services APIs and I expect the main goal was to gain a higher level of confidence with those APIs.

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Blog Feature

August 16, 2014

First Garage By Aviture Speaker Series Featuring Javier Lozano

.NET Insider  |  Application  |  Aviture  |  Aviture Speaker Series  |  Cloud infrastructure  |  Events  |  Garage By Aviture  |  Iowa Code Camp  |  Microsoft MVP  |  Scaling  |  Scaling in the Cloud  |  Speaker Series  |  Technology  |  javier lozano

On August 14th, Javier Lozano (@jglozano) gave a demo and led a discussion on “Scaling an Application on the Cloud.” Cloud hosting is an important topic in the entrepreneurial community given the drive to be scalable quickly without the initial cost and maintenance of expensive infrastructure, just one of the many technology decisions that teams will make along the life-cycle of their product and company.

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Blog Feature

August 02, 2014

Introducing the Garage By Aviture Speaker Series

.NET Insider  |  Application  |  Aviture  |  Aviture Speaker Series  |  Cloud infrastructure  |  Events  |  Garage By Aviture  |  Garage Speaker Series  |  Iowa Code Camp  |  Microsoft MVP  |  Neal Ford  |  News  |  Scaling  |  Scaling in the Cloud  |  Software  |  Speaker Series  |  Technology  |  community  |  javier lozano  |  speaker series  |  tech community

Aviture Inc. and The Garage by Aviture are proud to present the Garage By Aviture Speaker Series programming for the Omaha and Lincoln tech communities. The Garage by Aviture Speaker Series will be a quarterly offering of talks and presentations by great tech minds from across the US.

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