First Garage By Aviture Speaker Series Featuring Javier Lozano

First Garage By Aviture Speaker Series Featuring Javier Lozano
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On August 14th, Javier Lozano (@jglozano) gave a demo and led a discussion on “Scaling an Application on the Cloud.” Cloud hosting is an important topic in the entrepreneurial community given the drive to be scalable quickly without the initial cost and maintenance of expensive infrastructure, just one of the many technology decisions that teams will make along the life-cycle of their product and company.

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He discussed how a developer can use cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Azure, DNS configuration, etc. to scale out applications at low cost and will share examples such as the infrastructure changes planned for Skype after it was acquired by Microsoft.


More about Lozano

Javier Lozano (GitHub) is a technologist, speaker, and entrepreneur out of Des Moines. He is an ASP.NET Insider, Windows Azure Insider, and 9-time ASP.NET MVP. His specializations are in system design and developer mentoring. He has helped co-found Iowa Code Camp (ICC), the Iowa .NET Users Group (IADNUG), dotnetConf, and aspConf virtual conferences. He is interested in continual improvement in the software industry and gives back to the community by speaking at user groups as well as regional and national events. Javier is the founder of Lozano Tek based in Des Moines.


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