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Blog Feature

December 29, 2021

From AI to Z: The Engineering Terms to Know in 2022

Data engineering  |  software development  |  virtual reality

Every year brings new terms to add to the tech lexicon and familiar terms given new spins as they make their way to the general public. 2022 is no different. As we look ahead to what the world’s top engineering minds are focused on in the near future, we’ve identified key takeaways about the rise of artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and all manner of tech advancements. Buckle in, because these are the AI to Z of engineering terms to know for 2022.

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Blog Feature

November 10, 2021

Business Dashboards: Examples to Inspire Different Industries

Data engineering  |  analytics software  |  business analysis  |  business dashboard  |  data strategy  |  system integrations

We’ve written at length about the power of strategic system integrations, especially when effectively visualized in a client or business dashboard. After all, what business leader isn’t looking for some version of a single source of actionable insights to improve their operations?

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Blog Feature

October 13, 2021

System Integration Questionnaire: When Is It Time to Integrate?

Data engineering  |  data strategy  |  system integrations

It’s a well-known, deeply felt fact for every company: technology silos impact your operational efficiency.

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Blog Feature

July 21, 2021

Why Computer Vision and How It Will Aid Your Mission

Data engineering  |  artificial intelligence  |  machine learning

The world isn’t made of 1’s and 0’s (unless you subscribe to the theory that we’re living in a simulation a la The Matrix, in which case, who hurt you?).

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Blog Feature

May 05, 2021

Crucial Ways Customer Data Platforms Drive Value

Data engineering  |  big data

Knowing the habits and behaviors of your business’s target audience is key to providing an experience that converts prospects into customers and customers into evangelists for your company. Enter the customer data platform.

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Blog Feature

January 05, 2021

Data Encryption: Affects, Definition, and Pros and Cons

Data engineering  |  Technology

What We'll Cover: 1. Data encryption definition and applications. 2. Various pros and cons of using data encryption. 3. The value it can bring your business. The move to cloud services has exploded as people continue to work from home. However, with this rise, there’s been an equally big uptick in something not as nice or useful: cyberattacks. The Cloud has allowed businesses to keep things running, but as people take laptops home and internal servers are moved online, cyberattackers aren’t slowing down.

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Blog Feature

November 05, 2020

System Integrations: Combined Dashboards Can Improve Businesses

Data engineering  |  big data  |  data strategy  |  modernization  |  system integrations

Many businesses deal with out-of-date systems, separated spreadsheets, and siloed data. Without strategic system integrations in place, these segmented technologies negatively impact your team’s decision-making ability and as a result, cost you money. In fact, according to IBM, surveyed organizations estimate that poor data quality is costing them an average of $15 million per year — with even greater long-term impacts such as reputation damage, missed opportunity, and loss of revenue. As a business leader, you’ve heard of the value integrated data can bring your organization. You may have considered merging systems before but need better examples of the ROI. System integrations take time — does the cost justify the outcome? The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Here are just a few examples of the benefits merging your systems brings to your business.

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