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Blog Feature

August 10, 2022

What Does API Stand For? Examples and Uses

Defining Dev  |  Technology  |  big data  |  system integrations

Looking for something specific while ordering food, shopping online, or booking a flight on your apps and wondering how it brings up what you need when you need it?

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Blog Feature

July 07, 2021

Why Automating Data Collection Is More Important Than Ever

automation  |  big data  |  data strategy

Every manual task is an opportunity missed.

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Blog Feature

June 10, 2021

Predictive Analytics for Healthcare: The Next Big Thing Is Here

Health Tech  |  big data  |  predictive analytics

More than any other field, healthcare is perhaps the area where predictive analytics is poised to make a massive difference in operations.

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Blog Feature

May 05, 2021

Crucial Ways Customer Data Platforms Drive Value

Data engineering  |  big data

Knowing the habits and behaviors of your business’s target audience is key to providing an experience that converts prospects into customers and customers into evangelists for your company. Enter the customer data platform.

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Blog Feature

March 17, 2021

Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses: The Easiest Explanation

big data  |  software development

On the surface, trying to parse the difference between data lakes versus data warehouses seems complex. Both act as repositories of data collected by your organization. Both can be utilized for apps and programs and analytics that enable you to optimize your business processes. As such, it’s easy to get them confused. But do you want to know a secret? The difference is actually really straightforward, and we’re going to provide the easiest data lake/data warehouse explanation you’ve ever heard to help you remember.

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Blog Feature

November 05, 2020

System Integrations: Combined Dashboards Can Improve Businesses

Data engineering  |  big data  |  data strategy  |  modernization  |  system integrations

Many businesses deal with out-of-date systems, separated spreadsheets, and siloed data. Without strategic system integrations in place, these segmented technologies negatively impact your team’s decision-making ability and as a result, cost you money. In fact, according to IBM, surveyed organizations estimate that poor data quality is costing them an average of $15 million per year — with even greater long-term impacts such as reputation damage, missed opportunity, and loss of revenue. As a business leader, you’ve heard of the value integrated data can bring your organization. You may have considered merging systems before but need better examples of the ROI. System integrations take time — does the cost justify the outcome? The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Here are just a few examples of the benefits merging your systems brings to your business.

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Blog Feature

March 01, 2014

Aviture featured in B2B Magazine

Aviture In The News  |  Aviture Inc  |  Company News  |  big data  |  company  |  corporation  |  incubator  |  innovation  |  pivot  |  startups

President/CEO of Aviture, Mark Griffis, was featured in an article from the March edition of B2B Magazine, "Aviture pivots from big corporations to big data," excerpt copied here:

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