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Aviturians are determined to find new possibilities at every turn and recognize challenges as opportunities for growth. We believe learning is a continuous journey and that education has no end point. Join us on this journey; explore our insights to see what we’ve learned and what we’re continuing to discover.

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Blog Feature

June 10, 2021

Predictive Analytics for Healthcare: The Next Big Thing Is Here

Health Tech  |  big data  |  predictive analytics

More than any other field, healthcare is perhaps the area where predictive analytics is poised to make a massive difference in operations.

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Blog Feature

March 13, 2020

Innovating for the Cure

Health Tech  |  JDRF  |  Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)  |  community

Aviture was incredibly honored to be the 2020 Presenting Sponsor for the JDRF Nebraska-Southwest Iowa Chapter’s annual Promise Gala. Funds raised at this year’s event totaled over $1.7 million, exceeding last year’s total and an incredible continuation of the upward trend in donations by our community for this cause.

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Blog Feature

October 20, 2015

PortCAS Demo at UNMC’s Innovation Week – A Public-Private Collaboration

Aviture  |  Events  |  Garage  |  Health IT  |  Health Tech  |  PortCAS  |  The Garage  |  UNMC  |  UNeMed  |  iEXCEL Expo  |  laparoscopic  |  medical  |  partnership  |  portable  |  portable laparoscopic surgical simulation platform  |  simulation  |  surgeon  |  surgical  |  training

Aviture hosted a day of demo-prep on Monday for the PortCAS team as they prepared for UNMC’s 2015 Innovation Week. Garage By Aviture representatives were proud to be part of the team building and bringing PortCAS to market, a public-private collaboration success story. The tool and software were on display all day Tuesday, October 20 at the UNMC iEXCEL Expo.

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