Business Dashboards: Examples to Inspire Different Industries

Business Dashboards: Examples to Inspire Different Industries
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We’ve written at length about the power of strategic system integrations, especially when effectively visualized in a client or business dashboard. After all, what business leader isn’t looking for some version of a single source of actionable insights to improve their operations?

You already know the power of a dashboard designed to connect dots, integrate your data, and empower your teams to make better decisions. Now, we’re going to walk you through a few examples across an array of industries to inspire your next transformation initiative.

The Best Business Dashboards: Examples to Inspire from Different Industries



The Best Business Dashboards: Examples to Inspire from Different Industries


GE | Logistics


Best Business Dashboards: Logistics


GE was looking for a prototype for locomotive diagnostics deployed on a mobile platform to buy down risk and serve as validation prior to proceeding to the next stage of development. To meet their goals, Aviture crafted the roadmap for a fully operational proof of concept application designed to save their users’ (machinists, electricians, laborers and parts runners) valuable time.


The result of our efforts culminated in a locomotive analysis and analytics platform integrating predictive analytics and intricate visual analysis. The mobile app enabled GE’s Craftsmen to view and assess the status of their assigned locomotive, delivered historical data to aid in diagnostics, and also offered a library of other relevant resources for easy troubleshooting, all from a comprehensive interface designed to meet them where they are.



HealthFitness | Healthcare


Best Business Dashboards: Healthcare


Trustmark’s HealthFitness vertical needed an integrated wellness management platform to engage employees in their wellbeing. We devised a comprehensive solution that put user experience front and center.


The end product made it easier than ever for employees to track and improve dietary and fitness habits over time, allowed employers to analyze trends across their workforce, and provided actionable insights to boost wellness and reduce health-related labor costs, all from a centralized, user-friendly dashboard.



LifeLoop | Healthcare


Best Business Dashboards: Healthcare


LifeLoop started as an incubation project in The Garage, an arm of our company that helps web-based startups turn concepts into products. Through the Garage by Aviture, LifeLoop founders were able to take advantage of business and technology mentorship, an Aviture-provided development team that would build the minimum viable product, or MVP, and receive the initial investment and further venture capital needed to get their project off the ground.


That project became what Lifeloop is today: an accessible and intuitive lifestyle engagement tool for senior living communities featuring several tailor-made dashboards that support three different user personas: seniors, families and community staff.


“The beauty of what Aviture did is give us a place to start and let us expand on our own. They helped launch our business and the product in a way we couldn’t have without their partnership.”
— Amy Johnson, LifeLoop CEO and Co-Founder




Decision Logic | Retail & Hospitality


Best Business Dashboards: Retail & Hospitality


Decision Logic had long sought to provide a data-backed, systems-integrated solution to bridge the restaurant technology gap. But when it came time to scale the company, their leadership found themselves encountering friction they’d never before experienced. Decision Logic turned to Aviture for help scaling their business and providing additional app functionality and support for a new version of their software that would allow them to achieve unprecedented success.


Today, Decision Logic offers instant access to data, labor scheduling, line checking, inventory management, the Logic Shield PCI security system, and more. These tools create an all-in-one solution so restaurant operators can focus on providing the best experience for their customers.


“If we would not have had Aviture and their influx of technology to catapult us into the 21st century, our product would have died, no doubt, within the last five years.”
— Mandi Wooledge, COO of Decision Logic




Carson Group | Fintech


Best Business Dashboards: Fintech


Carson Group, a financial services firm in Omaha, NE, recognized the need for a new customer dashboard to attract a younger generation, so they came to Aviture for support. After a discovery phase and initial review, Aviture revealed a significant amount of useful data within Carson’s systems that, once unlocked, would be immensely beneficial to customers and advisors alike. But most importantly, unlocking the data would enable Carson to scale.


We fast-tracked development of a client-facing application supported by an effective data warehouse. The application was met with considerable praise and exceeded Carson’s previous adoption rate of 10-13%, climbing to a staggering 50-75% in the first two weeks of deployment.


“Aviture has really delivered for us. I’m happy with the progress we’ve made in developing our experience for the client and the advisor. We won a $68MM account because of Aviture.”
— Ron Carson, Carson Group Founder and CEO




Moody’s Analytics | Fintech


Best Business Dashboards: Fintech


Moody’s Analytics came to Aviture with two needs: help create their premier RiskCalc™ Small Business solution, a risk assessment tool designed for lenders and credit analysts to better understand their small business clients; and devise a brand-new dashboard interface for Lending Cloud, a web-based risk analysis system created for banking institutions.


Our integrated tech teams were up for the challenge for both desired solutions. Together with Moody’s Analytics, we built the API and integration infrastructure for RiskCalc’s multiple data streams, allowing users to improve the credit risk assessment of their small business portfolio by combining different types of data to produce an optimized score.


For Lending Cloud, we built a cloud-based, self-service dashboard from the bottom-up, providing over 800 U.S. banks and credit unions with a fully integrated credit management solution flexible enough to handle commercial, agricultural, and small business lending.



Guardian | Government


Best Business Dashboards: Government


Once Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPAs) were introduced, a need for real-time situational awareness to ensure the safety of service members became evident. The Department of Defense came to Aviture with the need to consolidate multiple data platforms and provide real-time decision support for their drone mission management.


By blending intelligence and operational intel into a common environment, Aviture developed a real-time collaboration platform that utilizes a dashboard-like, intuitive and responsive interface, enabling personnel to communicate and execute critical missions quickly and efficiently.


Guardian has proven to be an invaluable, life-saving device supporting California firefighting, hurricane relief efforts, NATO, and more, at both the federal and state levels.


“The great thing about Guardian is you don’t have to be in the same room or even the same building with users to see the same thing they see. And that’s been the biggest limitation we’ve seen from other platforms out there.”
— Major “Streak” Travis, 147th Attack Wing, Chief of Standards and Evaluations




Don’t Forget User Experience

One final note to inspire the build of your dashboard — when it comes to corralling all that data, don’t consider visualization as an afterthought.


Like our bevy of content highlighting the power of dashboards for business intelligence, we’ve also shared a few resources on how user experience ensures sustainable impact — including advice from Aviture’s own Director of Customer Experience on the difference between UX and UI and why it’s such a powerful distinction in the first place.


Good design may go unnoticed, but bad design definitely doesn’t. That’s why leveraging user experience principles to inform your business dashboard is an absolute must.



How to Build a Business Dashboard the Right Way

Inspired to start building your own business dashboard but unsure where to start? We can help — whether you’re ready to start talking strategy, or if you’re looking for a deeper dive into what makes a dashboard effective.


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