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Chris Kollars

Chris Kollars is a Frontend Engineer at Aviture. Drawing on more than 20 years of web design and development experience, Chris is a big believer in the power of thoughtful frontend engineering to bring innovative ideas to life for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Chris has been instrumental in helping Decision Logic and other Aviture partner companies embrace the Art of the Possible and embark on strategies that change the course of their business for the better.

Blog Feature

November 24, 2021

Design Systems Definition: What They Are and Why They Matter

UX  |  User Experience  |  User Interface

Welcome to Create Impact, a new series from Aviture focused on the topics that inspire our engineers to innovate. In each article, an Aviture team member will take you on a deep dive into a subject they’re passionate about, showing you the thinking behind cutting-edge engineering advances, the latest UX trends, development theories, and other unique topics that enable Aviturians to embrace the Art of the Possible for our clients. In this post, Frontend Engineer Chris Kollars explores design systems and their importance to creating a cohesive user experience. He explains how to define design systems, how they differ from and interact with component libraries and style guides, and why they are crucial for unifying your team around brand-based best practices and experiences.

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