The Engineering Insights You May Have Missed, All In One Spot

The Engineering Insights You May Have Missed, All In One Spot
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Create Impact is a series from Aviture focused on the topics that inspire our engineers to innovate. In each article, an Aviture team member will take you on a deep dive into a subject they’re passionate about, showing you the thinking behind cutting-edge engineering advances, the latest UX trends, development theories, and other unique topics that enable Aviturians to embrace the Art of the Possible for our clients.


2021 saw Aviturians exploring a number of topics that got our readers excited. Here's a compilation of some of the most popular insights.



Private 5G!

The Aviture team went to the AWS re:Invent Expo toward the end of last year, and while there were a number of tech advancements that caught their eye, one thing in particular stood out to our Chief Engineer Brandon Suponchick.


In his estimation, private 5G from AWS has the potential to transform the operations of many companies. As Brandon put it:


"I think there's a lot of potential for customers who are in a scenario where they’ve got technicians, sales teams, or anybody out in the field who needs quick access to a network. Rather than being forced to establish a VPN from their phone on their own self-paid plan, you can have corporate devices that are fast and secure thanks to AWS’s 5G technology."


Learn more about this and the other exciting AWS announcements in the full blog.



The Difference Between UX and UI

Our Director of Customer Experience DJ Jahn looked more closely at a misunderstanding that's all too common in the tech space: the separation between User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).


As DJ put it:


"If you equate UX/UI to a home, well, you can have someone paint your house (UI), or you can have an architect help you find a piece of land, build it, and develop it (UX). Now, both are important. But one's going to have a lot more influence on the success or failure of your enjoyment of the house than the other."


Check out the full article to learn more about this difference and how UX and UI are still closely intertwined even though they can be thought of as separate disciplines.



Mental Health and the Workplace

Our inaugural Create Impact article also proved to be among the most popular, as Senior Software Developer (and global speaker) Art Doler examined the importance of creating a workplace of psychological safety in an engineering environment or anywhere else.


"We need to adopt compassionate and inclusive practices that recognize the whole of a person at work. A great start is learning to employ a mindset known as 'cognitive empathy.' Though it sounds like it’s just thinking about other people’s emotions, it’s actually a practice of recognizing that different people think differently from each other — whether that’s because of differences in how they grew up, what they value, or even how their brain works 'under the hood.'"


Learn more about how important inclusion and compassion can be for creating a successful culture and a successful business in Art's full blog.



The Tip of the Iceberg

These were just some of the insightful topics put out by Aviturians in 2021. Our engineering team also put together detailed and helpful guides to things like design systems, HTTP tunneling, and taking ownership of tech solutions.


More topics are on their way in 2022, and we can't wait to show you what our engineers have been dreaming up.


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