PortCAS Demo at UNMC’s Innovation Week – A Public-Private Collaboration

PortCAS Demo at UNMC’s Innovation Week – A Public-Private Collaboration
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Aviture hosted a day of demo-prep on Monday for the PortCAS team as they prepared for UNMC’s 2015 Innovation Week. Garage By Aviture representatives were proud to be part of the team building and bringing PortCAS to market, a public-private collaboration success story.

The tool and software were on display all day Tuesday, October 20 at the UNMC iEXCEL Expo.

demo day PortCAS At the Expo on Tuesday, demonstrating the technology and explaining it’s use. Attendees were able to try out the device and try to beat the record time.

The PortCAS team then gave a briefing to UNeMed officials on Wednesday at a demonstration of UNeMed technology projects to investors, healthcare professionals, and other individuals and companies interested in healthcare innovation. Read a summary on UNeMed's website.

The Garage By Aviture has worked in conjunction with the inventors to bring the technology to market as a SaaS product in conjunction with the hardware.

Presenters and Aviture representatives Joe Runge (LinkedIn), Lindsay Beiting (LinkedIn), and Jeff Hanson (LinkedIn) worked with Drs. Joseph Siu (LinkedIn), Carl Nelson (UNL Page) and Dimity Oleynikov (UNMC Page) to build a software-as-a-service business model around surgical simulation technologies coming out of UNMC’s Center for Advanced Surgical Technology. UNMC's PortCAS is the first project out of this collaboration. PortCAS, a portable laparoscopic surgical simulation platform, represents the next generation in 3D Virtual Reality training tools.



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