Launching the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: Aviture + UNO’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

Launching the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs: Aviture + UNO’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization
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Aviture is proud to partner with the University of Nebraska Omaha’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) to help support and launch the next generation of entrepreneurs. The global organization’s mission is to inform, support, and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial and to seek opportunity through enterprise creation.   

As part of our support of CEO, Aviture CEO Mark Griffis and Senior Engineer Art Doler served as guest speakers at CEO meetings about the challenges and lessons learned of their respective business ventures. 


Aviture was also able to sponsor a portion of CEO’s trip to their national conference in Tampa, FL, which took place from October 31 through November 2.  CEO Nationals provides a variety of experiences, including a Global Pitch competition, individual and chapter awards, chapter development education opportunities and market simulator. UNO CEO’s chapter took 2nd place for the Generating Revenue Incentives Award, and CEO President Madeline Allen received 3rd place for Best Chapter Leader.  

Sydney Sakalosky, UNO CEO’s social media chair, summed up her experience at Nationals:  

“It was a weekend full of being given the opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs and business owners. I was surrounded by young students like myself that I could tell had a passion for learning and were eager to hear the advice these speakers had to offer. I also had the opportunity to sit on a panel as the social media chair for my chapter to discuss current marketing and social media strategies. The knowledge my executive board brought back from this conference was very valuable and we plan to use what we learned to improve our current chapter and to share that value with students across our campus.” 



We are excited to continue our partnership with UNO CEO and see what big ideas their members come up with.  

"Being an entrepreneur is hard, scary, exhausting, but also exciting and fun," said Mark Griffis, Aviture CEO and founder.  "Having gone through the process multiple times you start to see patterns and of successful businesses and successful entrepreneurs. To have the chance to work with such talented, driven students that want to learn, grown and succeed is both rewarding and motivating."

Aviture and its’ incubator arm, The Garage, have supported entrepreneurs and startups since 2014 and have helped more 6 start-ups advance from idea to reality. The Garage helps founders hone their ideas, evolve their product, and mitigate risks, as well as taps into top tech talent with Aviture. The work that we do within the Garage is all for one major goal: to build the start-up ecosystem and give back to the entrepreneurial community. Supporting groups like UNO CEO, judging pitch competitions and sponsoring Heartland Shark Tank are all other ways we further our vision of a supportive, active and visionary startup community.  

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