Aviture Promotes Brandon Suponchick to Chief Technology Officer

Aviture Promotes Brandon Suponchick to Chief Technology Officer
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Aviture, Inc. has promoted Brandon Suponchick from Chief Engineer to Chief Technology Officer — positioning the company for future advances in the intersection of business and technology.


OMAHA, Neb. — November 27, 2023 — Aviture is excited to announce the appointment of Brandon Suponchick as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective immediately. With over two decades of software development experience in both government and commercial sectors, Brandon moves from his previous position of Chief Engineer at Aviture into the role of CTO, continuing to foster growth and development at Aviture for the future of the technology industry.


“We’re seeing such a rapid pace of change in our industry right now, and over the next few years emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are going to be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives,” says Brandon. “At the same time, hardware advancements like quantum computing are going to present an entirely new set of challenges to our industry, especially in the realm of cyber security. Aviture has been at the forefront of these technology shifts for decades, and I’m excited to lead the effort to bring these technologies to bear for our customers and help them prepare for an exciting new world. What were once the dreams of science fiction are now becoming a reality."


For Aviture’s future, Brandon believes it is critical to continue finding ways for Aviture to remain at the forefront of evolving technology and practices. He notes that technology changes come in waves, and as a consultancy, our goal must be to strike a balance between the leading edge and the bleeding edge. Aviture’s clients rely on us to guide them to make informed decisions about which of these emerging technologies to strategically invest in and when. Brandon values that trust and is excited to continue making a positive impact for our partners.


“We are thrilled by Brandon's appointment as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Aviture. He has been an integral part of our organization for more than a decade, consistently demonstrating excellence in every role he has undertaken. Brandon possesses a remarkable talent for aligning cutting-edge solutions with tangible business benefits and return on investment for our clients. His contributions have played a significant role in transitioning Aviture from a technology vendor to a strategic partner. Brandon embodies Aviture's core values, both in our internal operations and in our interactions with clients. With him in this pivotal role, Aviture is poised to continue tackling complex challenges and making even greater impacts for our clients.”

- Mark Griffis, President and CEO of Aviture


In his new role as CTO, Brandon will direct the use of technologies, security implementation, and operational innovation across Aviture. His responsibilities extend beyond the technical concerns to ensure that Aviture’s engineering process seamlessly aligns with the end-to-end customer experience. With his extensive career in software development, Brandon has a deep understanding of the evolving technology landscape and a proven track record of successfully implementing solutions to address complex challenges, making him a valuable addition to Aviture’s leadership team.


“I am very excited; I have been working with leadership on positioning myself for these changes for a long time. For the better part of 10 years, I’ve been given opportunities to continue to grow, expand, and stretch myself in ways that don’t only include technology. With this new role I am excited to apply what I’ve learned and work on a business as much as work for a business,” says Brandon. “All that experience and preparation is for this moment, and it is really a cumulation of my time here at Aviture.” 


About Aviture

Aviture is a custom technology provider who brings an agile and holistic approach to software development. Aviture’s expertise in software consulting, user engagement, system integrations, data engineering, hybrid/cloud architecture, and the Internet of Things in the government and commercial sectors has won numerous awards and helped clients across the country achieve the Art of the Possible.

Learn more about Aviture at https://www.aviture.us.com/.


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