Aviture Attains Key AWS Cloud Partner Designation

Aviture Attains Key AWS Cloud Partner Designation
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The software consultancy has become an approved member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, which will enable Aviture to provide key services to space, healthcare, government, nonprofit, education, and Foreign Service Institute (FSI) customers. The distinction, which requires an extensive application and advanced expertise related to the needs of the public sector, enables Aviture up to offer unprecedented support to partners and initiatives.


Omaha, Neb. - September 16, 2021 – Aviture has reached a key milestone in its ongoing partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


The company, one of the nation’s leading software consultants, has joined the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, which recognizes and supports organizations uniquely qualified to provide solutions to customers in the public sector. This includes governmental agencies, nonprofits, and education and healthcare entities doing landmark on behalf of the greater good.


To reach this status, Aviture was required to demonstrate mastery in cloud engineering and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed with AWS, as well as be well-versed in how AWS can be harnessed to meet the unique needs of the public sector. As an approved Public Sector Partner, Aviture is eligible to help more companies than ever before solve their technological challenges, with a guided, Agile process backed by the foundational expertise of AWS itself.


“This is an exciting advancement for our cloud architecture team,” said Mark Griffis, founder and president of Aviture. “We’ve long worked with government entities to ensure mission-critical success and industry-leading tech companies to expand the scope of their business. This additional certification continues that tradition, allowing us to use our knowledge of AWS to assist even more organizations reach goals that once seemed impossible.”


Aviture currently has more than 20 AWS certifications and has assisted a variety of customers in launching their AWS programs:


    • The Department of Defense: The Guardian program has garnered a number of awards thanks to its cutting-edge utilization of real-time data for overseas reconnaissance and domestic search-and-rescue operations.


    • CSG International: The multinational business support provider’s Ascendon technology, winner of the Cablefax Tech Award for Best Cloud Solution, relies on AWS and Aviture to power its Software-as-a-Service platform.


    • Carson Wealth: Through custom-made user portals, financial dashboards, and AWS-backed data storage, Carson Wealth provides an intuitive, secure experience that scales with the company’s own unprecedented growth.


    • Air Force Recruiting Service: Providing an intimate look at the basic training process and a way to connect to recruits like never before, the Aim High App, backed by AWS, has led to a surge in recruitment for the United States Air Force.


Click here for more information on working with Aviture to launch your own AWS-backed data storage solution, and visit AWS for more details on their Public Sector Partner Program.


About Aviture


Aviture is a custom technology provider who brings an Agile and holistic approach to software development. An AWS Certified Partner, Aviture works with clients to build, migrate and manage their AWS deployments while reducing risks and maximizing value. Aviture’s expertise in software consulting, user engagement, system integrations, data engineering, hybrid/cloud architecture, and the internet of things in the government and commercial sectors has won numerous awards and helped clients across the country achieve the Art of the Possible. Learn about Aviture at https://www.aviture.us.com/.

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