Aviture to Lead Air Force Contingency Quarters App Development

Aviture to Lead Air Force Contingency Quarters App Development
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Aviture will be responsible for developing the Contingency Quarters Management Accountability Platform, or CQMAP. This application will modernize current protocols with a GovCloud-based solution that works online and offline, enabling services managers to assign airmen to their quarters faster than ever before.


Omaha, Neb. – March 9, 2022 – Aviture is strengthening its relationship with the Department of Defense by engineering a brand new software platform that could revolutionize the assignment of contingency quarters for the brave men and women of the United States Air Force.


As part of an Authority to Operate, Aviture will be the primary developer of the Contingency Quarters Management Accountability Platform (CQMAP). Using GovCloud as its bedrock data repository, CQMAP will give services managers a real-time, enterprise-wide view of quarters around the globe, letting them know how much space and equipment is available before putting forces on the ground.


“We are honored to partner with the US Air Force on CQMAP,” said Mark Griffis, founder and president of Aviture. “Our roots in the Department of Defense run deep, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to assist our troops. With this project, we’re looking to give airmen the confidence to know that, the moment they get on the ground, there will be quarters instantly waiting for them. It will also make a lot of services managers very happy.”


CQMAP Application on Laptop


Assignment of contingency quarters has historically been a patchwork of analogue and siloed digital tools. Only recently has technology caught up with the unique security and logistical needs of the military.


“We have a generation of servicemen and servicewomen who have grown up with websites and apps that make booking a hotel, a ride, or a vacation rental instantaneous,” said Griffis. “This will bring that same ease-of-use to booking contingency quarters. User experience, speed, and accuracy are the cornerstones of our development, and we continue to add features as we go.”


As engineering progresses, CQMAP will not only allow assignment of quarters, but do so according to the parameters noted by each occupant’s unique rank, gender, and status. The application will work over both stable internet connections and areas with no internet connection at all. Asynchronous data management will ensure that each version and each terminal/device remains up to date with real-time, on-the-ground conditions the moment an internet connection is re-established.


This project continues the strategic partnership between Aviture and the Department of Defense that was established with the advent of the Guardian program, a decision support application allowing Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) pilots to collaborate and share data in real time for a higher mission success rate. Meanwhile, Aviture continues to make strides in upgrading the Aim High recruiting platform, which connects Air Force recruiters, prospective airmen, and their families in a social media-like network that highlights the unique experience of new enlistees.


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About Aviture

Aviture is a veteran-owned, small-disadvantaged, minority-owned software consulting company uniquely suited to tackle the logistical challenges of government software needs. Aviture combine extensive government software experience with lessons learned from decades of commercial contracts to distinguish its work from that of other consultants. Custom software solutions from Aviture make strategic real-time planning possible, even with data coming from multiple sources at a high velocity.


Aviture’s expertise in software consulting, user engagement, system integrations, data engineering, hybrid/cloud architecture, and the internet of things in the government and commercial sectors has won numerous awards and helped clients across the country achieve the Art of the Possible. Learn about Aviture at https://www.aviture.us.com/.

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