Aviture Hosts Hack Omaha, A Weekend Civic Hackathon

Aviture Hosts Hack Omaha, A Weekend Civic Hackathon
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This past weekend Aviture hosted the third annual Hack Omaha, a three-day hackathon where data geeks, developers, designers, creatives, and open data enthusiasts came together to volunteer for a new kind of public service: developing public data into useful tools for citizens.

Over the course of the weekend, attendees discussed ideas that were presented on the Hack Omaha MindMixer page and assembled into hack teams to tackle some of Omaha's most pressing data issues. Mounds of government data and tons of food were consumed all in the name of making Omaha a better place. The event was brought together by the civic organization Open Nebraska, of which Aviture is an on-going supporter.

Hack teams competed for prizes and glory at the final presentation. They pitched their apps and prototypes in front of a panel of judges including Jamie Berglund, Senior Director of Community Development at Greater Omaha Chamber; Michael Young, owner and president of Q3 Systems, LLC, and member of the Metro Area Transit Board of Directors; and Aviture CTO, Jerry Koske.

The group Open Nebraska reminded attendees and those interested in the group that their activities are open to everyone, not just those experienced in programming and writing code. "The open data movement needs all kinds of advocates. Submit your ideas on MindMixer for next year and your idea might be picked up by a hack team, and join us to learn about what our brilliant hack teams come up with over the coming Hack Omaha events."

More information about Open Nebraska and other civic hackathon events is available on their website: http://opennebraska.io.

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