Aviture Provides Engineering Expertise to Big Red Keno

Aviture Provides Engineering Expertise to Big Red Keno
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The two Nebraska-based companies have joined forces to make keno throughout the state smarter, more fun, and more secure than ever. As a result of this partnership, Aviture will support Big Red Keno during a transformative time for the state and for gaming in Nebraska.


Omaha, Neb. – December 15, 2021 – The state’s top engineering consultancy and leading keno operator are making a sure bet.


Aviture and Big Red Keno have partnered in support of Nebraska’s largest and most reliable keno network, broadcast to players across the state from five live draws. Aviture’s engineering team will work closely with Big Red Keno to ensure seamless play no matter where an individual plays.


As part of this team-up, Aviture will analyze and optimize the infrastructure necessary to offer fun, secure keno games to the over 250 locations where Big Red Keno operates throughout Nebraska. Aviture’s expertise in software, hardware and engineering will enable Big Red Keno to continue providing the most innovative experience in gaming to residents long into the future.


“I’m looking forward to what this partnership means for the state of keno in Nebraska,” said Mark Griffis, founder and president of Aviture. “Many people may not realize that the nation’s largest Vegas-style keno operation isn’t in Vegas or anywhere else — it’s right here in Nebraska. Big Red Keno has put together an incredible game that’s known and played by thousands of people throughout our state every day, and I’m excited to help Big Red Keno create a fun, exciting vision for tomorrow – to include live-streaming, mobile applications and other Keno next-gen features.”


Big Red Keno has highly specific technical needs in place to prevent fraud and create the fun experience Nebraskans have come to expect. Aviture was chosen based on its ability to innovative, to launch and support global solutions, and to solve the most pressing tech challenges for nationally recognized brands, all in a safe and secure manner. Aviture is uniquely positioned to offer Big Red Keno the necessary support due to its wide degree of experience across cybersecurity, data engineering, system integrations, and more.


In addition, Aviture and Big Red Keno are a perfect fit thanks to their shared dedication to supporting communities throughout Nebraska. Big Red Keno is responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in gaming revenue for cities, counties, and villages across the state, supporting charities and development projects big and small, while Aviture has long been dedicated to boosting budding entrepreneurs, providing opportunities in the tech space, and donating to JDRF, Girls Inc. and other important causes.


Click here to learn more about Aviture and visit Big Red Keno for more details on their keno games and efforts to give back to the community.



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